How did I not see that?

Life could be annoying when we never really care about what we are chasing but we always are chasing.

Where are we running? We don’t know. What are we running for? We don’t know. Where are we going? We. Don’t. Know.

Don’t worry it’s not going to be a negative story, there is a plot twist I promise.

Just like everybody else I had these questions lingering on in my head, not a few years ago. Definitely no. Few years ago, I was doing fine… just fine! But right where you have to pick your career, your own field? wow! I don’t even have to talk about that, do I?

I had that moment where I would literally be levitating, not in a good way, more like hanging in the middle of nowhere. I just like to put things in a positive way even if it doesn’t make sense. I really hope you don’t get weirded out but stay and read the entire blog :)

I had this one friend with whom I was rambling about whatever I had in my mind. PS: that’s not what I am doing right now. That friend is a genius because everybody around me knows I write. Like I literally write songs. But not everybody figured that I can fix my career around writing but she did and I am so grateful she did. I figured I have to do writing as my career and for a beginner I thought I should start a blog which was also her idea. I just thought i’ll take credit for it but I’m too honest.

That’s the reason you get to read my blog and that’s the reason that this is my first blog. I have always known that I write and I am good at creativity. It’s just funny that it never struck me that I could choose my career around it. The fact that we never realize to do what we love is the saddest thing.

My life is kinda interesting and I’d like to share some. I mean I’m no Barney Stinson but it’s good . it’s worth a read:)